A retired treasure hunter with gold in his veins.

A museum curator's daughter held for ransom.

A jungle trail with danger at every turn.


Determined to walk away from his old path, Tom Logan chooses a quiet existence on a Texas ranch. But everything changes when he wakes up in mid-air plummeting toward the Amazon Rainforest. In the jungle, he discovers his lost love, Kate Lockhart, faces the same predicament and challenge as he does, find the famed gold room of the last Inca emperor, or suffer a loss neither can bear.

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A woman's grandfather murdered in cold blood. 

A treasure map and a stolen journal.

A city hidden beneath the Grand Canyon.


When Tom Logan and Kate Lockhart stumble upon a man with a knife lodged in his back, their honeymoon vacation becomes a journey into the world beneath the Grand Canyon and a search for a hidden city of untold riches. The man's granddaughter, who is in possession of a journal stolen from the Smithsonian Institute that dates back to the 1850's, finds a missing page in her grandfather's attic that leads her to the Grand Canyon. With a mysterious treasure hunter from the Australian Outback hunting them down, Tom and Kate must help the woman find the legendary city that's rumored to be filled with Aztec gold. 


Book 2 in the Tom Logan & Kate Lockhart Adventure Series.



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A cold adrenaline rush...

The chill of death...


Book 1 in the Sea Lab Series.


The world's coral reefs hold a delicate balance of complex and diverse marine life...until now. Something with an insatiable appetite has transformed these aquatic sanctuaries into dead zones devoid of fish. Whatever lurks these tropical waters isn't natural, but is a biological monstrosity of an experiment gone terribly wrong.


Jake Soloman, an ex-Navy intelligence officer and a marine biologist with Sea Lab International, has three problems. One, the woman he loves thinks he cheated on her. Two, he's been assigned with his good friend, Tony Cruze, to keep an eye on her from a distance while in the Bahamas off Paradise Island. And three, he has to find a way to survive an encounter with a savage creature that is determined to have him as its next meal.


Sarah Lawson, Jake's lost love, is on assignment to investigate the depleted fish populations along a coral reef frequented by divers and fisherman. She's determined to find out who's to blame for the lack of marine life, and the creation of a monstrous fish with a hunger for flesh and blood.



OCEAN BLUE is an adventure novel with a flare of science fiction, set in the present.


*The first eleven chapters are a free sample to read. The rest of the book can be unlocked by spending coins purchased within the app! 

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As the American Agent, Alex Parker is savvy, charming, and deadly. 


When Parker, an ex-Navy SEAL, awakes in a secret underground office, he's made a tempting proposal...become a covert operative for Homeland Security, and in return, get anything he wants.


Soon, Parker is brought up to speed on a new terror group that strikes fear in the hearts of the innocent...the Crescent Moon. When he sets out on his first mission to hunt down and eliminate the group's charismatic leader, he discovers a link between the terror organization and a wealthy real estate tycoon in Marbella, Spain. The connection is a North Korean spy with nuclear secrets to sell. But Parker isn't the only one employed by the clandestine project. His ex-fiancée, Samantha Peterson, is being used as a queen of hearts in the risky game of espionage to ensure their agent in the field remains true to the deal.


The race is on to save millions of lives, from a mountaintop mansion overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, to MI5 headquarters in London, to an abandoned airbase on the edge of civilization. Brace yourself for a high-stakes adventure as Parker follows the clues that lead to a stealth bomber and an unfolding plot of terror...a plot to unleash nuclear hellfire on a major U.S. city.


*The first twelve chapters are a free sample to read. The rest of the book can be unlocked by spending coins purchased within the app! 



When Sarah Lawson finds out that her husband is stranded on Saturn's moon, Titan, she is blackmailed by a top secret project leader into perfecting a life enhancing serum before she can conduct a mission to rescue him. The leader of the Titan X Project wants Sarah because she is a unique scientific specimen. She hasn't aged a day since she was twenty-nine. She’s not a god. She’s human. She can be murdered, but she doesn't grow old and she doesn't get sick. In almost every sense of the word, Sarah is immortal because her DNA reacted with an early version of a life enhancing serum like no one else before her.


When the time comes, Sarah must choose a crew for a trip to the outer solar system. As mission commander, she selects one of the best pilots in the Navy, Phoenix Drake. 


Phoenix is a war hero with a lifelong aspiration of traveling to Mars as an astronaut for NASA. When an encounter with a great white shark during a vacation weekend shatters his dreams, he finds himself willing to do anything to stay in the military, even volunteering for a secretive project with life altering consequences.


Phoenix has no idea his crew will cross paths with a Russian scientist who had a thirst for immortality, having partaken of the initial version of the serum. The only problem is that version had extreme side effects for everyone but Sarah. 


Monstrous side effects.


The first eleven chapters of Titan X are a free sample to read. The rest of the book can be unlocked by spending coins purchased within the app!



Eric Dabbs is an ocean lover and stargazer who loves to snorkel and read. He considers himself a beach bum as well as a writer. He is the author of Gold River, The American Agent, Ocean Blue, and Titan X on Wattpad. He lives with his wife and two sons, and a mini schnauzer named Daisy. 

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